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Basset Hound

This is one hound dog thats easy to love! This classic basset hound features excellent quality construction and attention to lifelike details, like its dramatic, authentic coloring, long droopy ears, and wrinkled, droopy jowls,!
  • Life-size stuffed animal with realistic details
  • Features a Basset Hound's distinctive droopy ears and jowls.
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Lifelike details and coloring
  • A favorite of puppy-loving children and collectors alike!
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Beagle - Plush

This obedient dog has an attentive expression and will be happy to sit by your side. With excellent quality construction and attention to lifelike details, its beautiful markings are proof of its refined breeding and demonstrate why it won the title, Best in Show!
  • $43.99
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    Chimpanzee - Plush

    Swinging from the treetops and into your arms, this chimp is ready to monkey around with your heart! This lifelike chimpanzee features excellent quality construction and special attention to detail. It has a charming expression and long, loving arms for lots of hugs.
  • $52.99
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    Dachshund - Plush

    Here's a classic black-and-tan dachshund whose lifelike markings add to its realistic look. The top-quality construction and attention to detail extend from its stubby legs to its pointy snout.
  • Lifelike and life-size
  • Classic black and tan markings
  • Soft polyester materials
  • 9"H x 18"L x 5"W
  • 3+ years
  • $31.99
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    Jack Russell Terrier - Plush

    Lovable and familiar, this Jack Russell terrier is a faithful, steady friend. With top-quality construction, attention to authentic markings and a lifelike expression, this terrier seeks a happy home.
  • Authentic markings and a lifelike expression give this Jack Russell a realistic appearance
  • High-quality construction and materials are extra-durable
  • A favorite of puppy-loving children and collectors alike!
  • Hand-crafted with care
  • Soft polyester fabric
  • $37.99
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    Jesus Loves Me Lamb

    The Jesus Loves Me Lamb has fleece so soft, it's hard to resist giving him a snuggle while you listen to his heartwarming tune. Press his hands together or hold them in your own to hear him sing 'Jesus Loves Me' - a beloved song that's even more special when it's sung just for your child.
  • Recording features a beloved song: "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. . . . "
  • Recording plays when the hands are pressed together, and stops when they're released.
  • Soft, silky fleece invites cuddling.
  • Also works when the lamb's hands are held with the child's in a prayer circle.
  • Excellent quality and value
  • $29.99
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    Sit! This obedient pug is content to faithfully sit by your side. With excellent quality construction and attention to details, right down to its engaging wrinkled forehead, this canine companion is looking for a good home!
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      Shark - Plush

      Over three feet long, with its toothy grin and prominent dorsal fin, here is a shark that will make your eyes pop! With attention to detail and top-quality construction this stuffed shark is ready for lots of hugs!
    • Lifelike plush toy with beautiful markings and realistic details
    • Realistic markings
    • Soft polyester fabric
    • 40" x 14" x 15"
    • 3 yrs +
    • $44.99
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      Meet the only boa constrictor that likes to be hugged back! Over 14 feet long and every inch a cuddler, this coiled snake features realistic markings and size, and a soft plush exterior that kids will love to ssssnuggle. Durably constructed of high-quality materials, this extra-long plush pet is surface-washable.
      • Lifesize boa constrictor stuffed animal
      • Gigantic scale is perfect for big hugs
      • Realistic details
      • High-quality materials
      • Surface washable
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      Sports "Throw" Pillows

      Kick-start some fun with these full-sized plush sports balls! Soft, washable and durable, they are the perfect size for throwing around or decorating any sports-minded childs room! Includes a basketball, soccer ball, football and baseball in a mesh sports bag. Great gift for a youngster, but dont forget those high school and college aged kids!
    • Have a ball with one of your favorite sports - football, baseball, basketball or soccer
    • Realistic detailing
    • Soft polyester fabric
    • Mesh bag included
    • 2+ years
    • $38.99
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      Sterling Elephant

      Who's stomping through the jungle? It's Sterling Elephant! This super-plush pal has huge floppy ears and a trunk that can sniff out a hug a mile away. A slightly weighted bottom helps him stay seated when the day's stomping is done.
    • With blankie-like ears and a long trunk, there's plenty to cuddle and squeeze!
    • Weighted bottom gives Sterling a pleasing heft and helps him stay seated.
    • Introduces kids to one of nature's most interesting creatures.
    • 9"H x 9"L x 8"W
    • All ages
    • $26.99
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      Teddy Wear

      Toddlers and preschoolers learning the basics of self care and refining grasp and hand-eye coordination have met a cuddly match for their emerging skills! Adorable plush bear Teddy Wear comes clad in a removable outfit packed with closures--perfect for testing a little one's growing problem-solving and motor skills. Buttons, zippers, self-stick tabs, buckles, and laces will keep fingers working on a number of different levels, offering a beneficial mix of encouragement and challenge. A mix of textures adds lots of sensory input too, making this a terrific toy for kids of all abilities!
    • Dressing-activity plush bear with a mix of fastenings to develop fine motor skills
    • Overalls and shoes are removable.
    • Satiny ears, paws, and zipper pull encourage proper grasp.
    • Part of Melissa & Doug K's Kids line of early developmental toys
    • Great for these skills: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, logical, linguistic, emotional, communication, self-esteem.
    • $28.99
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      Hungry Pelican

      This cuddly plush pelican has an empty belly . . . and a big appetite for fun! Young children can open the pelican's big bill (which squeaks when squeezed!) to drop four mini plush animals into his open mouth. Then the crinkly shrimp, squeaking octopus, and rattling fish and crab drop right into the bird's big belly! A peek-in, reach-in window on the pelican's front lets kids spot them easily and pull them out to try it all again. The repetitive activity is great for babies and toddlers working on motor skills and other early developmental skills. And thanks to an incredible array of fun-to-explore features--from chubby, squeak-able cheeks to crinkly wings to floppy, rattling feet--it never gets old!
    • Cuddly plush toy to feed with plush sea creatures again and again!
    • Includes plush pelican and 4 sea creatures
    • Special features include squeakers, rattles, crinkle-fill, and an open-and-shut bill for feeding time!
    • Part of Melissa & Doug K's Kids line of early developmental toys
    • Great for these skills: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, logical, creative, linguistic, emotional, communication, self-estee
    • $33.49
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